Promax Water Delivery Units

Build a new income stream with the Promax Water Delivery Units.

During summer when the weather is hot and dry, delivering water where it is needed is a fantastic way to increase your revenue.

Check out the below video - shows just how easy it is to operate the Promax Water Delivery system:


Code Description
Promax Water Delivery Units

No, all the tanks are made from material that complies with international food grade standards and are suitable for potable water. 

There is no plastic tainting or taste whatsoever.

Yes, these tanks are manufactured from food grade plastic. We can provide a report for health authorities.

The tank is classified as a load - so all you need to do is meet the regulations for securing the load to your vehicle.

Yes - plastic can easily be repaired.

Thickness is dependant on the size of the tank, but they range from 10 - 20 mm in thickness.

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