Promax Dust Suppression Units

Build a new income stream with the Promax Dust Suppression Spray System.  Used on construction sites, road works, quarries and mining sites, this easy to set up unit attaches easily to all Promax Free-standing liquid transport tanks to get you up and running quickly.

Spray and Pump System Options

  • Attach the tank directly to your chasis frame or use an optional slip on steel frame
  • Pumps come in either petrol or diesel
  • Fill your tank from mains hydrants or dams
  • Big -bore, high-flow hose reel optional
  • Easy to operate, truck mounted spray system
  • All pipe work is galvanised for durability
  • Keep operations smooth with in-cab air controlled functions
  • Portable in cab control box for comfort and convenience
  • Water level sight glass for easy monitoring
  • 1000 - 15,000 lt options - give us a call to talk through options and pricing.

Promax Dust Suppression Units hire is also available. Phone us now! 


Code Description Capacity(L)
Promax Dust Suppression Units 1000


The tank is classified as a load - so all you need to do is meet the regulations for securing the load to your vehicle.

Yes - plastic can easily be repaired.

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