Transport Tanks Testimonials

I, Dean (owner of "Phare View Honey") needed a new sugar syrup mixer and dispenser. I already had the motor and fittings. So I went to Promax Tanks and got introduced to Ben. We organized a tank and extra large lid and outlet to be fitted.

Ben said he would ring later that day. Within an hour I got the call; tank was ready for pick up. Couldn't believe it.

I would recommend going to see Ben at Promax Tanks before going anywhere else for plastic tanks and other items. Will buying more there.

The whole set up, everything brand new, cost 1/4 of the cost of a new one through Ecrotek. Very happy.

So all in all, Ben at Promax Tanks was very polite and helpful and sorted out all of my needs and modifications very fast.

Top notch.

Thanks Ben, Promax Tanks.


Dean, Phare View Honey




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