Slimline Tank Specifiers Pack

The Promax Slimline Tank is the pinnacle of aesthetic water retention and effortless installation for urban conditions.

Specifically designed for maximum storage using minimal space, the Promax Slimline Tank will blend discreetly into any environment without taking up valuable space. With its one-piece construction the Promax Slimline is the most reliable model on the market. With no joins or welds, this innovative design will not leak or crack and is certified to AS/NZS4020 - Drinking Water Approved. The Promax Slimline is especially constructed to meet height-to-boundary regulations. 

Also available as a Slimline Tank and Pump Combo. This Combo includes in-built Seismic Restraints. This innovative design means that safety requirements are not compromised while significantly lowering the installation expenses.  In addition to the built in Seismic Restraints, the Promax Slimline Tank and Pump Combo also features a specialised integrated pump. This combination has a significant advantage to competitive products by substantially reducing costs and alleviating installation risks. 

Distinctive Benefits for this
series include:
Resources for this series include:
  • In-built Seismic Restraint
  • PS1 for Seismic Restraint available - Certified to IL2 (Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings)
  • In-built Pump House
  • Certification to AS/NZ 4766 - Polyethylene storage tank standard
  • Product drawings - PDF
  • Product drawings - DWG
  • Product drawings - ICF
  • Product statement and maintenance guides
  • Installation Guide