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At Promax, quality is everything.

"We deliver more than tanks. We deliver solutions." 

Our products solve problems. Whether they capture the rain that falls on drought-prone regions or create reticulated water systems on farms affected by new stock exclusion regulations, Promax provides water tanks, liquid storage, and transport solutions to four sectors: Rural, Civil, Industrial, and Build. We combine exceptional design with manufacturing excellence to bring you a comprehensive range of products that look good and work even better.  

The quality of our products confirms what our clients have been saying since 1992: Promax is New Zealand's premier manufacturer of superior polyethylene water storage and transport products. Our premium range includes corrugated water storage tanks designed for optimum performance over many years. Promax is the only New Zealand company to make corrugated tanks, highlighting our most significant point of difference: innovation. 

Our square-shaped, ENDURO underground water tank is yet another example of our inventive thinking. The tank's shape reduces excavation and backfill requirements, while the unique solid-filled rib design can withstand all the ground pressures applied to the tank over its long lifetime. It's part of one of the most versatile and highest-quality ranges of underground tanks in New Zealand. Our underground stormwater and wastewater tanks are designed for the effective retention or detention of stormwater or secure and reliable storage of potable water.  

Many of our products are customised to meet the requirements of specific projects, and you can learn more about some of them here. But we can also provide standard "off the shelf" answers. A prime example is our range of XPRESS water tanks, made from high-grade polyethylene plastic so you can have Promax quality at an affordable price.   

As well as water tanks in all sizes, shapes, and applications, we are proud to bring you the best colostrum tanks in New Zealand. They're robust, secure, and manufactured from translucent food-grade polyethylene, making it easy to monitor how much colostrum you have remaining in the tank. We set similarly high standards with our septic tanks, where there's no room for compromise. Hygiene and safety are paramount, and the tank's structural integrity must be flawless. Perfection is what you get in every Promax septic tank.  

All Promax tanks are certified to AS/NZ 4766, and our detention tanks are fully tested and designed to withstand ground and water pressure, even at depth. The Promax Underground Tank is engineered by geotechnical experts and Finite Element Analysis tested (FEA). Our Enduro tanks are so strong they are the only plastic water tanks in New Zealand that can be buried up to one metre and still retain a 20-year warranty! Promax is also authorised to use the BSI registered Benchmark Product Certification Trademark on products identified in the Product Certification Schedule. You can view this here

To help you get the most out of your tank, we also have all the accessories you'll require. They include pumps and covers, tank level indicators, fittings, fire coupling kits, leaf eaters and everything else you need to keep your rainwater storage safe, secure and clean.  

Visit our product sections to learn more about the entire range of Promax products.

Whatever you need, whatever the issue, you'll soon discover that we deliver more than tanks. We also deliver solutions.