Monday, 30 August 2021

The Future of Underground

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The Future of Underground Tanks is here 

The new Promax Enduro Super Duty Underground Tanks are the future of underground - and they are truly revolutionary. This tank is the first, and only, tank in NZ to be certified to the latest standards AS/NZS4766:2020.  


As well as being the only tank in New Zealand certified to the latest standards, the new, more rectangular shape of the Promax Enduro Super Duty Underground Tank also brings a major advantage to the market. The unique shape gives projects an upper hand by reducing excavation and backfill requirements by up to twenty percent, saving both time and money. 


These rectangular-shaped tanks are the brainchild of Joe Allison, our Civil and Industrial Business Development Manager, and very much in keeping with our reputation for constantly innovating and improving. 


Joe saw an opportunity to update the shape of our existing underground tanks. As good as they were, he wanted to make them even better. According to Joe, that’s when he saw squares in his eyes. 


“I worked on several designs but kept coming back to a squarer shape. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that a tank of this shape would greatly reduce excavation and backfill requirements. That was my aim all along; to make our tanks even more cost effective and easier to install.”   


Innovative design is one thing. Manufacturing is another. Promax is used to thinking outside the box when it comes to making new products. So, our manufacturing division has started producing square shaped tanks ranging in capacity from 2,000 litres right up to 10, 000 litres.      


The polyethylene tanks are suitable for the retention or detention of stormwater and wastewater, or the storage of potable water. The unique solid-filled rib design is strong enough to withstand all the ground pressures that will be applied over the (long) lifetime of the tank. Each unit comes with a standard garden lid and cast-iron lids are also available. And to save even more time and money, the tanks have multiple inlet/outlet plumbing ports.  Available downloads for this product include:

  • Product Drawing PDF's
  • Product Drawing DWG's
  • Product Statement and Maintenance Guides
  • Installation Guide
  • Modification Plans


These new square tanks are no novelty. They’re engineered by geotechnical experts and Finite Element Analysis tested (FEA), have a ten-year warranty and are the first in New Zealand to be certified to the latest standards for underground rotational moulded tanks. So, they’re compliant as well as square, and because they’re vehicular tested, they fit perfectly under driveways, footpaths, car parks, forecourts and much more.  


If you want an underground tank that is easier to install and highly cost effective, get in touch with the team at Promax for full details.   


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