Thursday, 6 January 2022

Kerikeri Primary School

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Helping Our Local School Grow…Literally.

Who: Kerikeri Primary School

Where: Kerikeri, Northland

Products:  1x 1,000L ENDURO Water Tank 

Why: Garden to Table is a charitable trust that teaches tamariki how to grow, harvest, prepare, and share great food. The trust supports primary and intermediate schools and kura and takes learning out of the classroom and into the garden and the kitchen. This programme helps children develop skills they can use for life and pass down to their own whanau in the years to come. It also makes them aware of important concepts like sustainability and environmentalism. As part of our commitment to our community, Promax is proud to lend practical support to this worthwhile initiative.

What: Promax donated a 1000 litre ENDURO Water Tank to Kerikeri Primary School to ensure this project has an independent supply of water. The tank is used in the school garden and allows the students to irrigate the garden without relying on the council water system. Importantly, they can continue to feed the garden even when there are local water restrictions, which are common in drought-prone Northland. Our tank means the school’s garden program does not suffer, and this brings a lot of joy to the Promax team, many of whom have kids at Kerikeri Primary School.  

Children can see rain collection in progress, and they like to tap on the tank to see how full it’s getting. It’s a fun lesson in rain harvesting, with the water being used to drip feed the garden over the summer months when they’re not at school.  

Everything in the garden is grown from seed and harvested. The kids cook the produce on site so they can taste what they’ve grown, with any excess produce donated back to the community via food boxes and food parcels for families in need. It’s little wonder that Promax is thrilled to be part of this growing success.