Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Guarding Our Treasures

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Fire Protection On Marae 

Our company was established in Northland, where the waka of Kupe first landed in Aotearoa more than 1000 years ago. This region is rich in Maori culture and history, and has a number of sacred sites, including marae. We are proud to play our part in preserving this taonga for future generations – not just in Northland but right around New Zealand. 

We were approached to provide a fire-fighting solution focused on protecting our unique marae sites. Working alongside our partners, Promax has designed a system that allows the tanks to be filled using rain harvesting methods, or water tankers, with the water subsequently being dispensed to the Marae sprinkler system.  

Every project is important to us but this one is particularly significant. We are playing an integral role in making Marae safer places for whanau, iwi and hapu. This includes protecting the wharenui, the focal point of every Marae. Due to their unique design and the materials used to build these meeting places, the wharenui requires a high level of fire protection for everyone who gathers there. The wharenui also houses intricate, historic and priceless carvings, making their preservation essential.  

Promax is delighted to report that these sprinkler systems have now been deployed on a number of Marae throughout New Zealand. The cultural significance of these projects, as well as their potential to save lives, is deeply important to us. We are honoured to be involved.  


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