Thursday, 23 September 2021

The Fastest Tanks in New Zealand

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Why Wait? We Wouldn’t.

Why wait up to 17 long weeks for your new tank? We wouldn’t put up with that. Neither should you.  

Promax makes the best tanks in New Zealand. They’re also the fastest. Speed has never been more important than right now. Water shortages and worsening drought conditions all over the country have seen demand for water tanks explode. As a result, lead times have been extended industry wide…with one exception.

Promax will deliver your new tank within weeks, not months. Where other companies see increased demand as an excuse for slow delivery, we see it as a challenge. Our goal is to get your tank to you within just a few weeks – and we’ll do it. Our entire team have been working hard to shorten lead times, so you’ll get your tank when you need it and keep your liquid management projects on track. 

While tank lead times vary depending on size, customisation, and location, we can get a small tank to you in just one week, while our larger tanks can be at your place in as little as four weeks. That’s four WEEKS, not four months.

We offer a range of speedy shipping options, including North and South Island delivery trucks constantly on the road to ensure your tank gets to you as quickly as possible, and in top condition. Whatever it takes to maximise your storage and minimise your wait.

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