Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Drought Busting Deals

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Check Out Our Dry Season Specials 

As we head into the dry season, it’s time to get you sorted with drought busting products like Dust Suppression Units, Water Delivery Units and Transport Tanks. To make it even more affordable to invest in what you need, and achieve the results you require, Promax is proud to bring you these special deals.  

  • 5% OFF 10, 000 litre Slip-On Dust Suppression Units: Proudly designed, manufactured and supported in New Zealand, this slip-on Promax Dust Suppression unit is built tough to handle a lifetime of hard work on large scale projects, forestry and civil roading. Take a closer look right here.
  • 5% OFF 10, 000 litre Water Delivery Units: When water won’t come to your customers, why don’t you take it to them? This 10, 000 litre unit will allow you to build a new income stream by taking fresh water to where it’s needed most during this hot, dry summer. Another unit that we’re proud to design, manufacture and support in New Zealand, and you can check it out right here
  • And for extra safety on the roads while transporting liquid, we’ll give you 250 FREE LARGE BAFFLE BALLS with every 10, 000 litre Promax Transport Tank. Our Ball Baffle system deflects fluid surge movement which offers greater stability when cornering and braking, leading to significant savings on road wear and vehicle maintenance. Find out more at this link.


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Drought Busting Deals must end 30 November 2021


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