Cast Trafficable Lid 500mm

Steel Lids are used where the Underground Tank manhole will be under concrete.

Standard steel lid is Class B to suitable for residential driveways and foot paths.

Other ratings available on request.

Normally used in conjunction with the Trafficable Riser

$569.00 (incl. GST)

Code Description
PMXUT00500TL Cast Trafficable Lid 500mm

Promax Corrugated tanks are so tough you can bury them up to 1 metre in the ground - and they still retain their 20 year warranty!

Often a project can have height restrictions but also the need for a large amount of water storage - the Promax Corrugated big tanks are a perfect solution to this problem.


Promax Underground tanks are vehicular traffic approved - tested to AS/NZS 2566:1-1988 with a load rating of 28kpa. 

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