Promax Underground Tank 15000L 1.9m dia

The Promax Underground Stormwater / Wastewater tanks are suitable for the retention or detention of stormwater or the storage of potable water.

The plastic stormwater tanks are fully tested and designed to withstand ground and water pressure at depth.The Promax Underground tank is engineered by geotechnical experts and Finite Element Analysis tested (FEA).

Distinctive Benefits for:

  • Stormwater retention, detention and Wastewater storage
  • Large range from 10000 lt to 30000 lt (larger on request)
  • Suitable to be installed under driveways, footpaths, car parks, forecourts and much more
  • Save time and money with multiple inlet/outlet plumbing ports
  • Vehicular Traffic - Tested to AS/NZS 2566:1-1998 with a load rating of 28kpa. 
  • Non Vehicular Traffic - Tanks in non-critical areas can be placed at any depth that is required
  • Certification to AS/NZ 4766 - Polyethylene storage tank standard

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NZ Regional Stormwater Management Requirements

NZ Councils Approved List of TP58 Writers


Code Description Capacity(L) Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Weight(kg)
PMXUT15000 Promax Underground Tank 15000L 1.9m dia 15000 1900 6520 750

Promax Corrugated tanks are so tough you can bury them up to 1 metre in the ground - and they still retain their 20 year warranty!

Often a project can have height restrictions but also the need for a large amount of water storage - the Promax Corrugated big tanks are a perfect solution to this problem.


Promax Underground tanks are vehicular traffic approved - tested to AS/NZS 2566:1-1988 with a load rating of 28kpa. 

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