Promax Pump Chamber 1300L

Promax Pump Chamber is easy to install and has a 1300 litre capacity. It has a 600mm by 600mm manhole, which provides easy access.   

Our pump chamber is highly durable has multiple inlet/outlet plumbing options with makes it provide excellent solutions for all inground sump requirements.

This vertical pumping station riser is suitable for rain-harvesting, and as a storm-water and waste-water storage chamber.

Promax Pump Chamber complies with AS/NZS 4766 (INT): 2002 Standards, Certification to AS/NZ 4766 - Polyethylene storage tank standard and has optional welded spigots available.

Additional Risers are available

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$1,169.99 (incl. GST)

Code Description Capacity(L) Diameter(mm) Height(mm)
PMXAC01300PSBLK Promax Pump Chamber 1300L 1300 1200 1800

Promax Corrugated tanks are so tough you can bury them up to 1 metre in the ground - and they still retain their 20 year warranty!

Often a project can have height restrictions but also the need for a large amount of water storage - the Promax Corrugated big tanks are a perfect solution to this problem.


Promax Underground tanks are vehicular traffic approved - tested to AS/NZS 2566:1-1988 with a load rating of 28kpa. 

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