Promax Sidewinder Elec Nozzle Cannon

Create flexibility and safety with an EXM2 SideWinder Cannon Kit.

Great for damping down stockpiles, fire-fighting and reducing machinery movement onsite.

  • EXM2 SideWinder Cannon 
  • 1 x Radio Remote Handset and Receiver Module
  • 1 x Electric EXM2 SideWinder Nozzle - Fog to Straightstream
  • Rotate 350 Degrees horizontally and 135 degrees vertically
  • Elliptical pipework and internal vein to enhance water flow
  • Stainless steel swivels
  • Dual ball racers
  • Heavy duty 'Elk-O-Lite' construction.
  • 3"x 2.5" NPT mounting flange


Code Description
COTTCANNONSWE Promax Sidewinder Elec Nozzle Cannon

Yes, the Promax Transport Tank is classified as a load. So, for road transport approval all you need to do is meet the regulations for securing the load to your vehicle.

Yes, our polyethylene tanks can easily be welded, patched and repaired if required.