Promax Fire Coupling Kit

Promax Fire Coupling Kit is easy to install and Fire Service Approved.

Ensures your fire storage water is always ready at an instant.

SNZ PAS 4509:2003 approved.

  • Long lasting Brass Gate valve and Coupling
  • 100mm Fire Service Standard Size
  • Meets New Zealand Fire Service Standards
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance free

Includes: Adjustable Galv Steel Support Bracket 150mm-250mm Height

$1,279.99 (incl. GST)

Code Description
PMXAC00100 Promax Fire Coupling Kit

It depends on the size of your pump, if it is a standard size jet pump with a mini press, it will fit in our small pump cover. If it has a pressure bowl on top you will require our large cover.

Measurements for the small and large pump covers are given in the product descriptions for each.

Please make your own investigation into the size of your pump and ensure that the cover will fit it. 

Speak to one of  our salespeople, so we can recommend the best option. 

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