Agitators & Mixers

Mixing is a function carried out across multiple industries for multiple processes, however, one mixing solution does not fit all applications. Promax is pleased to work with Mixtec to design mixers to suit any and every application.

Side Entry Mixers: A cost effective solution for storage and simple blending applications. They provide low tank turnover rates to maintain a homogenous solution.

Top Entry Mixers: Typically mounted on a structure over the tank. They can be mounted in the centre and have baffles inside the tank or alternatively off set mounted without baffles. Top entry mixers are used in all industry sectors from waste water treatment through to pharmaceutical applications

  • Vessels ranging from 450L – 30,000L
  • Agitator options from 0.18Kw – 5Kw.
  • Support stands & overhead frames available
  • High Specific Gravity tanks available


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Agitators & Mixers