Promax Dog Kennel (Kennel Only)

Every kennel becomes a dog’s domain, a dog’s castle, a place of refuge, safety, security and Promax Kennels deliver all these features plus many other features for your dog’s comfort.

Quick Fact:

Even after centuries of selective breeding and living in homes, dogs still retain many instincts from their wild forbearers.
One of these instincts is the desire to have a den - a small, cosy place of their own where they can feel safe and secure.

$459.99 (incl. GST)

Code Description Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
PMXDE00820 Promax Dog Kennel (Kennel Only) 770 820 760

Our products are available to be purchased through most rural and plumbing merchants, because the size of the range they normally order on request however some do hold a standard range in stock.

Our customer services team will be able to help point you to a local stockist - call us on 0800 77 66 29.

Yes - the kennels are designed for large farm dogs.

The kennel sizes are:

Box only:  820mm wide x 760mm high x 770mm deep

Box and Run:  840 wide x 760 high x 1970 deep

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