Thursday, 9 April 2020

Which is the strongest water tank?

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Or you might ask - “Which is the toughest? Or, which tank will give you the greatest peace-of-mind?”

Of all the New Zealand made  water tanks it is the Promax tank. The continuous sidewall corrugation and one-piece molded construction with a heavy ribbed dome gives this tank its unique strength.

Just like a flat sheet of iron… as soon as you mold it with a profile or rip through it, the material becomes extremely more rigid and able to sustain increased pressure from both sides.

Check the video below demonstrating the outstanding differences.

This unique difference makes the Promax tank stand out alone with all it’s benefits.

  • Easiest poly tank to hide - it can buried up to one metre into the ground
  • The safest poly tank when buried – you can back-fill against the side wall
  • Greatest peace-of-mind – bury and back-fill and still fully guaranteed for 20 years
  • Strong enough for hillside installation – allowing many more site opportunities
  • Specify under decks, under homes – increased opportunities for architects/developers
  • Proven earthquake strength – engineered earthquake restraint system available
  • High wind zone installations – many proven methods New Zealand wide
  • Industrial grade tanks available – allowing large welded spigot inlet/outlet penetrations
  • Helicopter installation lifting eyes – remote installations are achievable

These benefits have allowed designers, engineers and architects to be more creative than ever before when having to find solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and rural applications.

Recent earthquakes in New Zealand have provided real live demonstrations of the Promax Tanks strength, catapulting them well ahead of all other designs and, because of their light weight they are seriously eroding the concrete water tank market and the myth to always use concrete for strength.

Check out the video below displaying the ease of a remote installation when we replaced the Ward’s concrete water tanks.

And, check the story below.

Earthquake damaged water tanks replaced in Ward

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