Friday, 22 November 2019

Waiau Community Water Supply

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Who: Hurunui District Council
Products: 28x Promax Enduro 30,000 LTR Water Tanks
Where: Waiau
Why: Council water supply to the Waiau township.
What: Promax supplied 28x water tanks for council water supply for the Waiau township.

These tanks were chosen as being the towns council water supply, they needed to be the strongest tanks on the market.
These tanks were in service prior to the 2016 magnitude 7.8 Waiau Earthquake, the strongest ground shaking event ever recorded in New Zealand.
A seismic recording instrument located at Waiau recorded a vertical acceleration of approximately 3g, or 3 times the acceleration due to gravity. This is the highest earthquake acceleration force recorded in New Zealand.
As our Promax Enduro tanks suffered no failures during this event, they have since been widely referred to in the community as ‘the tanks that with-stood the earthquakes’

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