Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Tekapo Military Base Water Reservoir

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Who: Tekapo Military Base
Products:  30,000 LTR Water Tanks
Where: Tekapo
Why: Fresh water supply to the Military Base
What: Promax supplied 270,000L of Water Storage.

Set at an elevation of over 700m above sea level, Tekapo experiences a range of temperatures from -5 in winter to +30 in summer.

Also sitting close to the Alpine Fault, regular seismic activity is present.

Promax Industrial 30000L Tanks were chosen as the best option for this project coupled with highly flexible Seismic Expansion Joints.

Restraining the tanks was done by burying them 1m deep inside native backfill.

Coupled together these tanks form a working volume of around 270m3 of secure water storage.

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