Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Slimline Tank Project

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Who: M&Y Homes

Products: 24 x 5000L Promax Slimline Tanks c/w pumps and water switches.

Where: Hobsonville Point, Auckland.

Why: Dual purpose stormwater detention & retention.

What: Promax supplied twenty-four 5000L Slimline Tanks for properties built by M&Y Homes in Hobsonville Point.

These tanks collect roof water and pump back to the toilets, laundry and outside taps. This alleviates pressure on both the public stormwater system by reducing the amount of water entering drains and mains supply by reducing the water consumption.

The Promax 5000L Slimline perfectly suited their requirements as they take up minimal yard space, have inbuilt seismic restraints and pump cover which makes installation fast, simple, fast to and hides unsightly plumbing.

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