Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Silverhills Subdivision - Buffer Water Tanks

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Who: Silverhills Subdivision – Eng Works Hastings

Products: 2 x Promax 30000L Industrial Water Tanks

Why: 60kl of fresh water supply

Due to the elevation of the new premium Silverhills subdivision in Napier, the town main water pressure could not adequately supply sufficient pressure and flow to the forty sections so a buffer water storage system and booster pump set was required.

Promax worked with Eng Works to provide a suitable solution. Certified to AS/NZS:4766 Water Tank Standard & AS/NZS:4020 Contact with drinking water, the Promax Water Tanks were the perfect solution.

As these tanks are in a public environment, Seismic Anchoring, Lockable Stainless Access Lids, Mesh Screen vents and welded connections were supplied.

All compliance, no complaints.

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