Thursday, 1 September 2016

Save feed and time with feeding

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You've probably seen these revolutionary plastic bale feeders around the place and wondered - what's the advantage? Being plastic, are they strong enough?

Well, the answer is there are plenty of advantages and yes, it is absolutely strong enough - they are not only tough but lightweight and easy to use.

The Promax Round Bale Feeder is made up of four quarters, held together with heavy duty, quick release lynch pins. It's called a round bale feeder but it can work for bales of any shape or size because it's modular - you just add the curved panels and you can enlarge or reduce it as you want with the quick release pins. You can even assemble it around a bale - it's that easy!

The Promax Round Bale Feeder is not only the most innovative on the market, it's also the strongest. The UV protected plastic is sturdy and tough but at the same time is light enough to be moved by one person. You can roll it around, throw it on the back of the ute or pick it up with the forks on the tractor.

The Z shaped truss is one of the biggest advantages of the Promax Round Bale Feeder - it reduces wastage by up to 30 percent compared to other feeders. This is because the stock can't pull the feed out. They have to twist their heads through the Z shaped truss before backing out, leaving the feed to fall inside the feeder - not on the ground to be trampled. This means the feeder soon pays for itself by reducing wasted feed.

With no sharp edges and being sturdy and well made, the Round Bale Feeder is stock friendly.

Ideal for cattle and horses, the Round Bale Feeder is your ideal solution for stock feeding.


For more information, please talk to your friendly team at your local Farmlands store.

Article supplied by Promax Plastics.