Thursday, 10 November 2016

The 4th Generation Beef Farmer talks about Promax Round Bale Feeder

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"Paul Ambler, the 4th generation Beef Farmer from Hokianga, Northland Region, talks about our Promax Round Bale Feeder."

With the round bale feeder, I found out that I have to feed the animals every three or four days and I found when they were filled within the paddock with some feed for them to eat, it would last about a week with nine 2-year old animals. And so that means I didn't have to spend too much time every day feeding and we were looking after our ground pasture.

And I find it good for my Sundays, I get my Sundays free, that I don't have to come and feed the animals. Whereas, when you're feeding every day you've gone through it at least half a day every day feeding animals. I'm not committed to going every day, I can have one or two days a week where I'm just going topping up the bale feeder slight.

The other thing that we've found out is that if we had some animals that we had been finishing or slaughter, they can just absolutely ad-lib from the, can get from a good quality bale and they just carrying on eating whatever they need to carry on maintaining or putting on condition right or not.

They haven't ran out of feed as long as you're keeping it that round bale feeder topped up. They're just ad living themselves, which is useful for us.

I think that we could at least save a quarter, but it could be as much as half of it really wet conditions, so we've got some really wet ground and outside the waste could be as high as 50% from the very worst conditions with feeding it on to the ground.

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