Monday, 29 June 2020

Rain-Harvesting at Trucks & Trailers

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Don't waste the wet stuff!

Who: Mark Wright Trucks and Trailers with Alpha Plumbing – Auckland
Products:  2 x 15000L Custom Built Industrial Water Storage Tanks
Why: Rain-harvesting tanks for washing and grooming vehicles

When Auckland’s water restrictions came into force on May 16, Mark Wright of Trucks and Trailers knew he had to act fast. As a distributor of Mercedes-Benz trucks, vans and utes, as well as Freightliner trucks, Mark was determined that the washing and grooming of his vehicles would continue, rain, hail or shine. He needed a company that could provide him with industrial water storage tanks, and without delay. He contacted Promax, and we responded with a water storage solution that proved that a little teamwork can go a long, long way.

When Mark outlined what he needed, Promax got in touch with our Recommended Installer, Doug Grantham from Alpha Plumbing and we got to work.  Immediately, we had a challenge to overcome; due to the small amount of space we had to work with, our regular shaped tanks didn’t give Mark the required capacity for 30 days of storage. So, Promax built two customised water tanks with an increased height of four metres to enable maximum storage for minimum footprint.


Promax and Alpha Plumbing worked together to complete this project on time and within budget. Mark is delighted with our effort and commitment…and his fleet is sparkling.

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