Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Pukerimu Dairy Goat Farm

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Who: Jo Alcock – Pukerimu Dairy Goats
Products:  Promax 30000L Water Tanks
Why: Rain-harvesting water storage tanks for drinking, cleaning and dairy shed use.

Jo Alcock of Pukerimu Dairy Goats has it all figured out when it comes to harvesting water. Why collect rain in one Promax water tank when you can collect it in 18 of them? It’s a brilliant strategy that gives Jo access to millions of litres of water every year.

There are Promax tanks dotted all over the farm: at last count there were 18 x 30 000 litre tanks with most of them attached to the main goat shed, and others connected to an implement shed and a spring. We estimate that 7.5 million litres of rainwater fall on the farm’s sheds annually, and Jo is collecting as much of that precious resource as she possibly can.

All of the tanks on the main goat shed are connected to form a massive reservoir, and with a new shed just constructed and more tanks ordered, capacity grows as the farm does. So happy is Jo with our service, she has purchased two Promax molasses tanks for the new shed as well.

Pukerimu Dairy Goats is a prime example of rain harvesting done right, and Promax is proud to help the water flow like goats’ milk down on the farm. 

Download Case Study here.