Tuesday, 30 June 2020

No Wasted Water

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No water wasted at Waste Management!

Who: Waste Management Auckland

Products: 7 x Xpress 25000L Industrial Tanks

Why: Rain-harvesting for all grey water services.


With Auckland facing its worst drought in 25 years it was great to provide Waste Management East Tamaki with Water Storage Tanks for Rain-Harvesting.

Waste Management have installed 175000 litres of storage rain that falls on their Auckland HQ’s rooftops for re-use back into their truck and bin washing units as well as being plumbed into their building for toilets and dishwashers.

This is enough storage to last the company up to 43 consecutive days of no rain!

Great to see action being taken from large water users and Promax is happy to assist with designing the right system.

Download the Case Study here.