Friday, 22 November 2019

Insulated Tanks with Internal Snow Frames

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Who: Cardrona Alpine Resort

Products: 7 x Promax 30000L Insulated Tanks with Internal Snow Frames

Where: Cardrona Skifield

Why: Increased accommodation capacity at the resort required 200,000 Litre of water storage for Fire Fighting purposes.

What: Promax worked closely with Hadley Consultants and was able to help Cardrona Skifield overcome these unique challenges.

  • Burying Tank 1m in ground reduces the tanks visual impact while burying the pipework help reduce freezing issues.
  • The insulation strengthens and helps the protect the water from winter alpine conditions.
  • Internal Snow frame combats snow loading on tank dome.
  • Seismic Stainless Flex coupling connections for movement in a seismic event.
  • Anti-Vortex suction plates inside the tank to meet the fire storage criteria.

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