Monday, 17 February 2020

Eastpack Coolstore - Insulated Tank R4

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Who: Eastpack Limited & Coollogic

Products: 5000L Insulated Tank with Seismic Restraints.

Where: Te Puke, Bay of Plenty

Why: Glycol Storage

What: 5000L Custom Insulated Storage Tank.

The revamped Eastpack Coolstore in Te Puke required a 5000L Storage Tank to hold glycol at around -7C. With such extreme cold, effective insulation is very important to conserve energy.

Promax constructed a custom insulated tank with a 4 R-Value, also combining an internal baffle and large flanged spigots inlet/outlets.

The client noted that during trials when the Glycol had reached -7C the unit was switched off. The glycol still remained below 0C 48 hours later.

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