Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Aurora Farms Water Supply

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Who: Aurora Farms, Tokanui, Southland
Products: 5 x Promax Enduro 30000 Litre Water Tanks

Why: Aurora Farms, located in the Southland community of Tokanui, is a 295 hectare (730 acre) sheep and beef farm running summer stocking rates of 2100 ewes, 50 cattle, 500 hoggets and 2000 weaned lambs. The idea was to be proactive by fencing off water ways and putting in a stock water scheme to future proof the farm for regulations that will become mandatory in time.

What: This is a tale of North versus South. Aurora Farms best natural water source is located at the lowest part of the farm, so it was decided to pump water to a tank on a high point on the Southern side of the farm. However, the same solution could not be applied to the Northern side of the farm on the other side of the road, as it has an elevation about 100 metres higher. This necessitated a different approach in the form of a ‘tank farm’ for additional rainwater capture during the wetter months.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, the tank farm consists of Promax tanks: 5 x Promax Enduro 30000 litre water tanks. In the unlikely event that rainwater storage is insufficient, the tanks can be topped up by water which is pumped from a nearby creek. Aurora Farms expectation was to have a stock water scheme and storage that would meet peak daily summer demand while also removing the need for stock to seek natural water from the creeks on the property. All up, five 30,000 litre Promax tanks were purchased along with three small tanks for break-pressure applications.

Thanks to this investment in water management, Aurora Farms is now ready for whatever the future brings…rain, hail or shine.

Download the pdf here